Bolstering nature's best ingredients with leading-edge scientific discovery, Abbey St. Clare offers a line of health and beauty products that nurture skin and hair, body and soul. Using our lotions and potions, soaps and shampoos, you won't just look better -- you'll feel better, too. Beauty, after all, doesn't come from covering up. It arises first from within, and it's kindled by inner health and wellness. Abbey St. Clare's creams, serums, elixirs, and waters can help you look and feel wonderful with little time and effort, and without resorting to costly treatments and procedures. You'll spend just minutes in front of the mirror and have hours left over for your rose garden, your golf swing, a long walk with the dog, that afternoon in the park with the children or grandchildren. The Abbey offers you a promise and a prayer: We will make you look and feel your best ... and leave the rest to Heaven. 

Natural Solutions from the Abbey to You



The #1 solution for dull skin is microdermabrasion action.

Prescription: Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser.

Use 1-4 x / week.

Brighten your skin, even out skin tone,

and smooth fine lines.


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